Camp Fire Girls Handy Guide

Some of the Camp Fire Girls series were reissued, retitled, and even reauthored often enough to confuse the unwary.

If you've ever gotten a headache trying to remember whether A Camp Fire Girl's Loyalty is the same as Camp Fire Girls Trip Up River — or is it The Camp Fire Girls on the Farm? — save this cheat sheet.

Stella M. Francis

The Camp Fire Girls...


(or alternate title)

Irene Benson

The Camp Fire Girls...


(or alternate title)

In the Allegheny Mountains A Christmas Success Against Odds Mountaineering Overcoming all Obstacles
In the Country The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot Rural Retreat The Quest of a Secret
Trip Up River Ethel Hollister's First Lesson Trip Up river How Ethel Hollister Became a Camp Fire Girl
Outing Ethel Hollister's Second Summer in Camp Outing Ethel Hollister's Outing
At Twin Lakes Quest of a Summer Vacation At Twin Lakes Quest of a Summer vacation
On a Hike Lost in Great North Woods Outing Lost in the Great North Woods
In the Forest A Lost Trail Found
Lake Camp Searching for New Adventures

Jane L. Stewart

The Camp Fire Girls . . .

Sub- or Alternate Title

Bessie King's...

Reissue Title

A Camp Fire Girl's . . .

In the Woods First Council Fire First Council Fire
On a Farm New Chum Chum
At Long Lake In Summer Camp In Summer Camp


In the Mountains Strange Adventure Adventure
On the March Test of Friendship Test of Friendship
At the Seashore Happiness Happiness

The Camp Fire Girls... Mary Lee . . . author
and Aunt Madge
Weekend Party the Camp Fire Girl Reitz
at High School
Success the Red Cross Girl Hart
Duty Call
at Work at Washington Hart
's Friend Merrill
's College Days Merrill

© 1993 Jo Anne Fatherly

These charts first appeared in The Whispered Watchword, the newsletter of The Phantom Friends