Village and Town of Newburgh Records


At the election held in the Town of Newburgh
in the County of Orange Commencing on Tueday
the 30 April 1811 and Closing on Thursday the
2d Day of May 1811 for Electing a Lieutenant
Givonor Two Senators for the Middle District
and four Members of Assembly we do hereby
Certify that upon Canvassing the Votes Given at
the Last Election for Lieutenant Govonor and
Senators they were as follows to witt for
 Dewitt Clinton one hundred and Seventy three
173 for Lieutenant Goviner
  Nicholas Fish for Lieut Givenor forty three
43 for Lieutenant Geviner
177 William Tabor One hundred and Seventy seven
178 Erastus Root One hundred Seventy Eight
37 Elisha Williams thirty seven
18 Ebenezer Foote Eighteen
1 Marinus Willet for Lieutenant Govener One 

Given Under our hands this 2 Day May 1811

J Fish
A Ross
John Thorne
Isaac Belknap Jun
Joseph Reeve

Recorded 3rd May 1811

for E Griswold TClerk
Dan Birdsall


At the Election held in the town of Newburgh in
the County of Orange Commencing on Tuesday the
30 April 1811 and Closing on thursday following
for Electing a Lieutenant Givonor two Senators for
the Middle District and four members of Assembly
to Represent the County of Orange in the Legislature
of this State We do Certify that on Canvassing
the Votes given at the [said] Election for members
of Assembly they were as follows to witt For

William Ross Two hundred and forty six 246
Seth Mervin Two hundred and Thirty eight 238
Peter Halbert Two hundred and Thirty four 234
John Gasharee Two hundred thirty three 233


Given Under our hands this 2d Day of May

J Fish
Isaac Belknap Jun
A Ross
John Thorne
Joseph Reeve

R[ec]d 3d May 1811

for Edm Griswold TClerk
Dan Birdsall


Names of persons who have taken tavern Licens
in Newburgh the 1 and 3 Tuesdays in may 1811

Names     Racognzd  
      3d Tuesdays  
William Willson $7   Joseph Gregg 8
Asa Rutza 7   Mobry Carpenter 7
Danl Smith 6   Luff Carpenter 7
Hinny Butterwirth 6   [Huyhann] 6
James Kidd 5   Fredrick Smith 5
Arthur Smith 7     ___
C[orne]lius Carman 5     $32
Dan Gidney 8   John Milburn  
Samuel Bond Jun 5   [first Day] 5
Andrew Wilson 5   27 Hawkins King 5
John Farnham 8      
Michael Bird 8      
Adam Yeahly 7      
Chester Clark 8      
Christian Crist 8      
Silas Newel 8      
Daniel Titten 5      
Rheuben Merritt 5      
William Patten 8      
Sands Belknap 6      
Thomas Denton 5      
Richard Dennis 8      
Thomas Gardner 7      

[First] Supervisor Rec


Cash Milburn




[ ]


Names Persons who has taken retailing Licence
in Newburgh 1 Tuesday May 1811
William Wilson


Henry Butterworth


John Geraghty


Gidney & Miller


James Hannah


Eli H Cerwin


John Abercrombie


Betts & Noyes








Daniel Smith


Peter Bannen


Samuel Burtis


Owen Magahy


[Josiah] Gaily


David Gorham


Josiah Titus


Chainy Griswold






the Above 80 dollars
is included in the
footing of the Amt
of $236 on the other side

Frederick Smith  $10

Hawkins King


I hereby give notice to you and
through you to the inhabitants of the
Town of NewBurgh that owing to certain
circumstances and beyond my power
to control I am unable longer to
execute the duties of supervisor of the
Town of NewBurgh and I pray you
will take measures to have another
chosen in my stead, before the annual
meeting of supervisors the first Tuesday
in October next
dated this
20th Sept 1811
I am Sir Your [Ob Sv]
J Forth

To Edmund Griswold
Clerk of the town of

At a Special town Meeting held at the
Academy in the village of NewBurgh
on Saturday the 28th Sept 1811 for the
purpose of choosing a supervisor to fill
the office of Johnathan [Hirth] resigned
the meeting was opened proceeded to choose
a Supervisor to fill his office by Ballot


Hezekiah Belknap
Daniel Birdsall
Benjamin S Reeve
Phillip Boyd

after counting the presence of the Town
Clerk Jotham Thorne and Reuben
Holmes then appeared twelve votes
for Leonard smith supervisor no
other candidate closed the town

Dan Birdsall
presiding Justice

Orange Count [ ] we Dan Birdsall John
Thorn Alexander Ross Hezekiah Belknap and
James Hamilton Justices of the Peace in and
for Said County residing in the Town of New
Burgh in said county do hereby nominate
and Appoint Bartis Underhill an Inhabitant
of said Town to be a Constable of the same
Town According to the Directions of the Statute
in that case made and Provides given under
our Hands and Seals the 23 Day of Nov

Note the Above Appointment
was made [ ]

James Berling
Constable [ ]

John Thorn
[ ]
James Hamilton

  Dan Birdsall


At a Special town Meeting held in the Villge of
Newburgh on Saturday the


1812 Commisiners of highways met
to recive the overseers of Road Return
and make out the Districts for the
Ensuing year

in sitting with them Seth Belknap
one of the Commissioners Recd from the
following pesons the sums Set to thir
Michael Nestell


Ch[ar]les Cock

12 1/2

Eleazar Gidney £2.7

7.12 1/2





March 31 paid Purdy fowler bil $1.30

by Seth Belknap

John Wells return not settled in H[enry]
Butterworths hands

Isaac Belknap Jun not setled


Districts of Roads March 1812

No. 1 Beginning the South side of Second
Street in Water Street Southerly Including
first street and Colden Street to the turnpike
from the Turnpike at the corner of Richard
Trembler & Hiram Wellers to hasbroucks Black-
Smith Shop Westerly to late Charles Belknaps
with the crossroads to the line of NewWindsor
and the turnpike  

No 2 Beginning at the corners including third
Street of Harnums & Belknap & Co Northerly
in Water Street including the streets to the
North river and westerly to Samuel
Downing's Southerly along liberty Street to
St. Georges church Northerly from downings
to the North Side of the bridge by
Falconers the road leading from Falconers
to Gidney's Mill the road from Thomas
Carscaddins Until it intersects the road
leading from St. Georges Church to Rocky forest.

No 3 Beginning at the turnpike at Wm W. Sackets
Westerly to St. Georges Church in water Street
from Second to third Street with all the
Streets in the Village except east of water St
Excepting Colden Street including Grand St
from St. Georges Church west to Smith Pines to late
Francis Handmores from Weller's old place
to Belknaps Saw mill from Gidney's Mill to
William Wilson from Walters old place to


Sands Belknaps and Southerly across Chauncy
Belknaps Meadow to his South line and from
Gidney Bridge easterly to the turnpike

No 4 Beginning on the turnpike at the cross
road leading to late Danl Nivens Deceasd
Westerly by Dan Gidneys Northerly to
Smith Pines with the cross roads to
Belknap's Saw Mill the road leading by
John Popes late Benjamin Derbey the
road by Jacob Westlakes to the Southeast
corner of David Belknaps land

No 5 Begining at the late Henery Hanmors
Westerly to the turnpike the crossroad
to Pleasant Valley to Dan Birdsall's
north line the road from Stephen
Woods to Hasbroucks Mill

No 6 Beginning at the North Side of
the turnpike road northerly by
Jacob Trumpers Westerly to the
Shawangunk line

No 7 Begining at the road leading by
Grant Hardenburgs Southerly to the
Turnpike near James Goldsmith's
Black Smith Shop

No 8 Begining at the late Charles Belknap
Westerly to the Turnpike including west
as far as Enoch Codingtons from Johnathan
Belknaps to the New Windsor line

No 9 Begining at the Town Line South
of Robert Baties Northerly by late
William Smith's Capt Willets to the
Town line

No 10 Begining at the cross roads leading
from Benjamin Manna to James Kidds
Easterly from the Place of Begining to
Smith pine's

No 11 Begining at the County line east
of Junis Sniders thence westerly to Jacob
Trumpers South line

No 12 Begining at the Bridge near Dan
Smiths dock Westerly Both roads
by Dan [Smith] to William Wilsons
also the new road from Richard
Currens Westerly to the Turnpike

No 14 Begining at the late Jedediah
Raymonds West to the County line
from [Huffs] west to the county line


No 13 Begining at the School house
in foster town westerly to late
Jedediah Raymonds with the road
from Samuel Wyatts to Hasbrouck's
Saw Mill

No 15 Begining at Dan Smiths
Northerly to the South line of Capt
Arthur Smith's the cross road Westerly
By Phillip Boyds to the road leading
from Justus Rogers to the Pine Swamp

No 16 Begining at the Stone School
house [Southerly] to [Jotham] Thorne's
Westerly to the Pine Swamp

No 17 Begining at Eckers Landing
westerly to the main road Southerly
to the road that [leads] to the
to Doctor Fowlers [Chain] House
with the road by Wm Eckers

No 18 Begining at the North river late
Benjamin S. Reeve Westerly to the
Main Road Southerly to Arthur Smith's
South Line

N 19 Begining at the road near
[Timothy Woods Northerly] to the
County line

No 20 Beginning at Justus Rogers Northerly to
Jonathan Cosman north line - the Cross Roads
by Samuel Purdies to the Lattin Town road
by the Widow Bloomers

No 21 Beginning at the main Road Near William
Jennings Westerly to Wychums Patten line
Northerly to the County Line

22 Beginning at Dan Birdsall Jun North
line Northerly to the County Line the Cross
Roads by late Isaac Thornes from Thomas
Mullanix to Hawkins King

23 Begining at the North river near Dickinsons
West to Main Road

24 Begining at late Isaac Underhills Southerly
to the main road leading from Newburgh
to Rocky Forrest.

25 Beging South of the Bridge leading over the
Mill race near the out Lett of the Great
Pond Southerly to the Turnpike road
the Cross roads from Silas [Howell's] to the
line of NewWindsor the road to the Great
Pond to the [Slough] to the South East
Corner David Belknaps land to Intersect
the Road by Jacob Westlakes

26 Beging at the Stone School house Northerly
to Doct Fowler [Chain] House


27 Begining at Rheuben Merritts Westwardly
to michael Redmans southerly to the
Road to Hardenburgh lane westerly to the
Town line

28 Beginig at Willium Wilsons Westerly to
the Schoolhouse Northwesterly to the
County line

29 Beginning in Water Street at first Street
Southerly to the Turnpike from the Corner
Near Charls McKennie Westerly to the
main Road Northerly to Hasbrock Black
Smith shop Southerly to the [New] Windser
line Easterly to the Turnpike and North River

30 Beginng at the Crossroad leading by late
29 Daniel Nivens Easterly to the New Road
leading to lime Stone hill Northerly
to Chancy Belknap South line formerly
Abraham Wards

30 Beginning at the Main Road that
Runs from Newburg to New Marlborough
to the Danscommer by the [ ] of Leonard

Dr Overseers Poor in Accnt with the Town Newbrgh

To ballance last year

£ 57. 5. 1

To cash you Recd After Settlmnt

40. 0. 0

To Poor Miny Recd this last Year

160. 0. 0

To Cash Recd of First Licnse M[ ]

110.12. 0

To fines Recd

3.18. 0

To Goods Sold


To pound Muny Recd

2. 0. 0

To Cash Recd for [ ]





£381. 1.11

Cr by their acct Rendr this year

£294.18. 4

  by Leonard Carpenter [ ] [ ]

8. -. -

  by ballance due the Town in [ ]

73. 3. 7




£381. 1.11

The Above Acct has been Examnd
and autited this 31 March 1812
  Leonard Smith
Dan Birdsall
Isaac Belknap Ju
James Hamilton
 Commissinr fr
[ ]tty Acct 


Wm Ross the Supervisor for the Year 1811
there is a ballince remaning in his hands
for the year which he [ ] by the Advice
of the Auditors of the Acct for that year
by him See Town book No 5 page 56 [ ] 3.14.2


the Annual Town Meeting held at the
Academy in the Village of Newburgh
first Tuesday April 1812

James Hamilton
Dan Birdsall
Isaac Belknap Jr
Philip Boy[d]


John Thorne
Benjm S Reeves
Hezekiah Belknap

The Meeting being openend
Voted The Offics to be Chosen by ballett
agreeable to Law be put in one ticket
Voted that there be four Constables chosen for
Said Town the present Year
Voted that there be five Assessors - do -
after Canvassing the Ballets - the
following officrs were duly Elected
  Edmund Griswold Town Clerk
  Leonard Smith Supervisor

Joseph Reeve
James Hamilton
Daniel Tucker
 Assessors  John Thorne
Elisha King 

John Mandeville
Selah Reeve
Overseer Poor 
Seth Belknap
Henny Butterwirth &
William Wier Jun
 Commiss highways 
Joshua Concklin Collector
James Wayland
David M Dubois
Joshua Concklin &
William Hanmer

Voted That there be Ten pound Masters and
fence viewers in said Town psnt Year

Richard Dennis
Dan Wilson
Samuel Weed
James Goldsmith
Elnathan Foster
& Fenc
Leonard Cole
Thomas Theal
Stephen Wood
David Wyatt
Humenus [Snider]

Voted that Elnathan Foster keep the [ ]
  Town Pound

Overseers Roads

No 1

Nathanl Dubois


Michael Nuttell


Eleazar Gidney


David Bird


Daniel Evans


Hinamaus Snider


Baruh Birdsall


Samuel K Weed


James Goldsmith


David Gardner



No 11

John J Trumper


Danl Smith


John Griggs


Seth Tenny


David Fowler


Gi[ ] Nelsson


Wm Ecker


Wm Smith


Ca[leb] Fowler


Purdy F[owler]


Wm Milanic




David Birdsall


Thomas Purdy


Caleb Seamans


Jacob Oakly


John Tucker




Micheal Redmond


William Wilson


Chauncy Griswold


Nehemiah Purdy


John Bloomer




that Two hundred and fifty dollars be
raised for the support of the Poor the prsnt
Year and three hundred Dollars for Reprng
or building the Poor house

Voted Twenty five dollars be allowed the
Town Clerk
Voted Fifty Dollars be raised for Bridges
Voted the by Laws be cintined as last Year
with Additional Law
Voted that Jonathan Fish Hezekiah Belknap
Esqs and Wm Ecker be Delegates for this
Town to Meet the delegates of the [other] Towns
in the County at Goshen Satud Next for
the purpose of Nominating Senators
and Members of Assembly

Town Meeting Adjund to the first Tuesday
Next at the Accadmy in the Village of Nebegh
  for Edmund Griswold
Town Clerk
    Dan Birdsall


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