Village and Town of Newburgh Records



To John Anderson Junr
Town Newburgh  

Whereas it hath been represented to us
Francis Crawford Philip Boyd and Danl
Birdsall three of the Justices of the Peace
in and for Said County that Charles Clinton
removed to the city of Newburgh and that the
Said Town has not by a special town
Meeting assembled and chose a person
to fill his place as assessor for the year
within mentioned time limited by law
by Virtue of the act in such case made
and provided passd the 27th Day of march
one thousand and Eight hundred & one -
in case a Special Town is not called within
fifteen Days for the purpose of choosing
officers that should Die remove [ ] we do herby
appoint John AndersonJun one the
of the assessors in and for the present
year Given under our hands and seals
at Newburgh this 27th day of June 1808


Entrd ofRecd 28
Jun 1808
  Francis Crawford
Philip Boyd
Danl Birdsall

[ ] Edmund Griswould
Danl Birdsall


Districts Roads laid out by Leonard
Smith, Daniel Birdsale Jun & Jacob Powell
21 March 1809 

No. 1 Beginning at the Corners of Second Street, McKenny
and Casey, along Water Street and Colden Street
to the Turnpike. Continuing Water Street to
Chambers Creek up said creek to Main
Road Northerly to the Turnpike Road westerly
from Hasbrouck Black Smith Shop
Westerly The old road to Charles Belknaps to with
new roads to New Windsor and the Turnpike. 

No 2 Beginning in Water Street and Third Street
at the corners Robt W. Jones and Richard Hayman
northerly with the cross street to the River
along Water Street, West to Samuel Downing
Down King or Liberty Street to St. Andrew Church
Northerly along the main road to the north
Side of a Bridge at Faulkeners the road
leading from Said Bridge Westerly to Gidney
Bridge the Road leading from Pettingills
Landing across Lime Stone hill until it
Intersects the Road leading from St. Andrews
Church to Rocky Forest. 



No 3 Beginning at the Turnpike Road by
Wm W. Sackets northerly to St. Andrews Church
northerly along the main road to the north
. In Water Street from Second to Third
Street, with all the Streets in the Village
of NewBurgh Except Colden St from St. Georges
Church westerly until it Intersects the Road
by Smith Pines from Waller old place to
Belknaps Saw mill from Main Road by
Gidney's Mill to William Wilsons at Fosters
Town from Collards old place to James
Belknap from thence to Turnpike. 

No 4 Beginning at the Turnpike on the line of the German patten
northerly extending and westerly to Smith Pines thence westerly to
Henry Hanmers with the cross Road to
Belknaps Saw Mill also by Benjm Derby 

No 5 Beginning at Henry Hanmers Westerly
to the middle of the Causeway east of Reuben
Merrits the Cross road to Pleasant Valley
as far as Daniel Birdsall. the Road from
Stephen Woods to Hasbroucks Saw Mill 

No 6 Beginning at the Middle of the Causeway east of
Merrits Northerly to Jacob Trumpers
South line westerly to Shawangunk
line Including the Cross to Garret Hardenburgh

No 7 Beginning at Garret Hardenback
West Line thence East and South as the
Road Runs, to the Wallakill Road near
James Goldsmith's 

No 8 Beginning at Charles Belknaps westerly
to the Turnpike Road Including Enoc
Coddington all the Crossroads South
of the turnpike road to Windsor Line 

No 9 Beginning at the Town Line South
of Robert Beaties Northerly by William Smith's
by Capt Willits to the Town Line 

No 10 Beginning at the Cross roads leading from
late Doct Jones to late Joseph Cauldwells
Easterly from place of beginning to Smith Pine 

No 11 Beginning at the County line east of Junis
Snyders Thence Westerly by Jacob Trumbers
South Line thence north to the County Line 

No 12 Beginning at the Bridge at Daniel Smith
dock Westerly both roads by Danl Smith
to William Willsons 


No 13 Beginning at William Wilsons Westerly
to late Jedediah Raymonds with the Cross
roads by Halsteds to intersect, the same Road
also the Road from Samuel Wyatts to Has-
brouck's Mill 

No 14 Beginning at late Jedediah Raymonds
North to the County Line. from Huffs West
to the County line  

No 15 Beginning at Daniel Smiths Northerly
to the north line Capt Arthur Smith lane
Road leading from the North
River to the Pine Swamp the Cross road
Between Burrows Holmes Jan [ ] Fowler
West to the Road Leading from Justus
Rogers to Pine Swamp 

No 16 Beginning at Thomas Theols Northerly to the Stone
School House
the Stone School House Southerly
to [ ] Thorns westerly by Timothy
Woods the new Road by Benoni Clark's
to the pine Swamp 

No 17 Beginning at Eckers Landing westerly to
the Main road South to Doct Fowlers South
Line Also the road by William Ecker's 

No 18 Beginning at the North river late Benj. S.
Reeve westerly to main road
Southerly to Capt Arthur Smith North Line
Northerly to [Gotham] [Thoms] 

No 19 Beginning at the Road near Timothy Woods
northerly to the County Line the Cross road
to Tuckers Mill 

No 20 Beginning at Justin Rogers northerly
to James Purdys South line. 

No 21 Beginning at the main Road East
of Late Underhill Merrits Westerly by
Samuel Purdies to the East and [ ]
Road on North and South from Sam Purdy
South line to District No. 23  

No 22 Beginning at Daniel Birdsall Jun thence to
the County Line late Ross Mill the cross
road near Isaac Thorns from Thomas
Mulliners to Hawkin Kings 

No 23 Beginning at the Main Road Near
William Jennings Westerly to Wickhams
Patent line from thence to Saml Purdies south
line from Jonathan Cosmans north line to the Pattn

No 24 Beginning at the Dickinsons House North
river Westerly to the main road 

No 25 Beginning at the road to Isaac Underhills
Southerly to the Main road Leading
from Nbgh to Rocky Forest.


Continued 27 

No 26 Beginning at the South Side of the
Bridge leading from over the Mill race
late Doct Jones Southerly to the Turnpike
road the Cross road fromSilas Howell
to Windsor line the Cross road that leads
to the Great pond to the Slough at the South
east corner David Belknaps land to intersect
the Road to Jacob Westlake 

No 27 Beginning at the Stone School house Northerly
to the Lands of Jacob Elliott Doct Fowler South Line theCross
road to Tucker Mill 

No 28 Beginning near Col Smiths to the main

No 29 Beginning at the Gardner Farm road
Westerly to Jacob Westlakes to the South
east corner David Belknaps land 

March 28

Money in hand for Roads 

Selah Reeve about


Isaac Belknap Jun do


Edmund Griswold



Newburgh March 28th 1809


Dr The Town Newburgh in acc with Leonard Carpenter
and John Manduel Poor Masters
 March 28  


1809 To amount John Manduel [ ]

£ 56.0.1

  To Amount of Leonard Carpenter


  To doctor Gidney bill


  To Merritts bill at Poor house


  To Doct Hedjis bill






  ballance remaining in poor Master hands





By Balance of Last year as [ ]


in [o]ur hands


By Excise Muney of Supervisors


By Cash raised for poor


by cash for Okum


by one Wm Lider in Manduel


by C[ ] for Ocum



£ 372.18.9

we the Commissioners for Auditing the Accounts
in the Town of Newburgh have Exummed and
find that there is in the hands of Leonard Carpenter
and John Manduel overseers of the Poor of said
town a balance of One hundred thirty three
Pound thirteen shillings and Sixpence


overseer Reports that $300
Dollars be raised for
present year
Dan Birdsall John Thorn
Isaac Belknap Jun Benjm S. Reeves
James Hamilton  


At the annual town meeting held at the Academy
in the Village of NewBurgh the 4th April 1809
for the purpose of chosing their town officers


Danl Birdsall 
John Thorne
James Hamilton
Benjamin S. Reeve
Phillip Boyd
Isaac Belknap Junr
 Presiding Justices 

Voted that Leonard Smith be speaker at this
town Meeting
Voted Edmond Griswold town Clerck
Voted William Ross Supervisor
Voted that there be four Constables this Year
Voted that the Constables give the town security
for $500 each for their faithfull performance
of their duty
Voted that Daniel Tooker, Hawkins King,
James Black and James Wayland be
Constables for this present year
Voted that the Collector shall give Security in the
sum of $2000 for his faithfull performance
of his duty as respects his Office
Voted that Hawkins King be Collector for the present year
Voted that there be five assessors for the present year
Voted that Leonard Smith, Isaac BelknapJunr,
Selah Reeves, John Thorne, John Farrington
be assessors for this present year
Voted that Leonard Carpenter, John Mandeville
be poor masters for this insuing year


Voted that Thomas L Lockwood, Alexander Ross
and Purdy Fowler be commissioners of
high ways for the present year

 Voted James McCloughen
Johnathan Faulkner
Jacob Oakley
Elethan Foster
James Weiring
William Smith
Stephen Wood
Fence Viewers
 Voted Elethan Foster to keep the pound
No. 1
William Taylor
  2 John D. Lawson
3 Elezer Gidney
  4 Charles Cox
  5 Cornelius Wood Junr
  6 John Crowl
  7 Abraham Hardenburgh
  8 Paul Sherman
  9 James Goldsmith
  10 David I Gardner
  11 John J Trumper
  12 Henry Butterworth
  13 Wm Wilson
  14 Leonard Cole
  15 Edmond Hopkins
  16 Esq Benjamin Reeves
  17 Mobry Carpenter


  18 William Smith
  19 Gilbert Kniffin
  20 John W[inn]
  21 Samuel Purdy
 22 Daniel Birdsall Jun
  23 Jacob Cosman
  24 Roger Purdy
  25 David Ward
  26 Jacob Oackley
  27 William Conklin
  28 John Bloomer
  29 Thomas Belknap

Voted that $300 for the support of the Poor be
allowed and raised by tax
Voted that the town clerck be allowed $25
Voted that the sheep Law continued as Last year
Voted that the ram Law continued as Last year
Voted that the poultry Law continued as Last year
Voted the amendment to the hog Law be
that the man that carries the hog or
swine to pound shall have 4/- for each
Voted that John Thorne Leonard Smith and
Isaac Belknap Junr be Delegates to
attend the county meeting at Goshen
Voted that this meeting be adjourned till
the first teusday of April next to meet
at the academy in the courtroom at
ten o'clock in the forenoon

Recorded April 4th1809 for Edmond Griswold
town clerk
  Danl Griswold


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