An ACT to alter and amend the Charter of the
Glebe Land, in the German Patent, in the village
of New-Burgh.


WHEREAS a glebe of five hundred acres of
land, situate in the town of Newburgh, and
County of Orange, was granted by letters patent
under the great seal of the then province of New-
York, on the twenty-sixth day of March, one
thousand seven hundred and fifty-two, to Alexan-
der Colden and Richard Albertson and their suc-
cessors, as trustees of the parish of Newburgh,
and to the inhabitants then living on the German
patent, for the support of a minister of the church
of England, as then by law established, and a
school-master, to have the care of souls and the
instruction of the children of the inhabitants of
the German patent. And whereas there now is
not nor has there been for several years last past,
any such minister in said village: And whereas
Hugh Walch and Levi Dodge, trustees of said
parish, together with the inhabitants of said pa-
tent, have by their petition prayed that the said
charter be by law altered and amended, so as to
meet their interest and convenience: Therefore,

BE it enacted by the People of the state of New-
York, represented in senate and assembly, That it
shall and may be lawful for the inhabitants residing
on the said German patent who shall have a right
to vote at the annual town meetings, to meet to-
gether in the village of Newburgh, on the second
Tuesday of May next, at some proper place to be
appointed by any justice of the peace, within the
said village, and notified to the inhabitants of said
patent at least one week previous to the said se-
cond Tuesday. of May, and then and there to
choose, by a plurality of votes, three persons in-
habitants of the said patent, to officiate as trustees
of the aforesaid glebe, who shall hold their offices
for one year, and until others shall be chosen in
their stead; and the said trustees so chosen shall
have the like powers to do, and the like duties to
perform, as the trustees of the parish of Newburgh
have heretofore been possessed of and done; and
such justices shall preside at such meeting, and shall
declare the persons having the greatest number of
votes as duly chosen trustees; and on every second
Tuesday in May after the first election of trustees,
there shall in like manner be a new election for
trustees of the glebe, and the trustees for the time
being shall perform the several duties required
from said justice, in respect to notifying the meet-
ing at such election. 

And be it further enacted, That the monies
arising from the annual income of the glebe shall
forever hereafter be appropriated solely to the
support of schools on the said glebe; that the
sum of two hundred dollars of such monies shall
be paid on the first Tuesday in May in every year
by the trustees of the glebe to the trustees of the
academy of Newburgh, who shall apply that said
sum of two hundred dollars solely to the use of
schools taught in said academy; and that the re-
mainder of the money arising from such annual
income shall be paid to the trustees of the other
schools, which are or may hereafter be established
on the glebe, in such manner and in such propor-
tion as the inhabitants aforesaid from time to time
shall order and direct. Provided always, that if
at any time hereafter a minister of the episcopal
church shall be inducted on said patent, as nearly
in conformity to said charter as may be, then it
shall and may be lawful for the said trustees
of the glebe to pay annually for the support of
said minister such proportion of the monies
aforesaid as shall be reasonable, according to the
true intent and meaning of the said charter.
And whereas regular accounts of the income of
the said glebe, and the expenses of building and
repairing the said academy, have not for many
years past been exhibited as by the aforesaid
charter directed, whereby the inhabitants of the
said patent might be enabled to ascertain the state
of their funds. Therefore; 

Be it enacted, That three freeholders, being in-
habitants of the said patent, shall as soon as may
be, be chosen as in a manner aforesaid, and annual-
ly forever hereafter, to whom the trustees of the
parish of Newburgh, formerly so called, shall ac-
count, and to whom the trustees of the glebe
shall annually account, when thereunto required;
and in case of neglect or refusal so to do, it shall
and may be lawful for the said three freeholders,
so to be elected as aforesaid, or any two of them,
to have, maintain and prosecute in their names, in
behalf of the said inhabitants, suits in law or
equity, for the recovery of any sums which may
have been or may be received either by the said
trustees of the said parish of Newburgh, or the
trustees of the said glebe, and which shall not
have been expended for the uses prescribed by
this act, which monies, when so recovered, shall
be paid over to the trustees of the said academy;
and in case of the consent of parties, either before
or after suit brought, to refer and leave to arbi-
tration any or all disputes relative to the same by
bonds of arbitration or rule of court.

State of New-York

In Assembly, April 5th, 1803.

This bill having been read the third time -
Resolved, — that the bill do pass.

By order of the Assembly. 


State of New-York

In Senate, April 5th, 1803.

This bill having been read the third time -
Resolved, - that the bill do pass.

By order of the Assembly. 

JER. V. RENSSELAER, President.

In council of Revision,

April 6th, 1803.
Resolved, That it does not appear improper to

the Council, that this bill should become a law of
the State.



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