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Nan Sherwood's Winter Holidays

The Five Little Peppers Midway

Barbara Benton, Editor

The Adventure Girls at Happiness House

The Camp Fire Girls at Top o' The World

Jane, Stewardess of the Airlines

The Seven Sleuths Club

The S.P. Mystery

The Mystery of Steeple Rocks

The Phantom Yacht

The Strange Likeness

The Oldest of Four

The Motion Picture Girls at Red Oak Farm

Grace Harlowe's Plebe Year at High School

The Motor Girls on Tour

The Motor Girls at Lookout Beach

The Meadow Brook Girls on the Tennis Courts

Four on an Island

Linda Carlton's Island Adventure

Ethel Morton at Sweetbriar Lodge

Rilla of Ingleside

The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point

Dorothy Dixon

Peggy Wayne, Sky Girl

The Honor Girl

 Patsy and Kate

The Redemption of Leslie (Marjorie Dean Series)

Articles concerning the "Girls' Book" genre

You're a Brick, Angela!

The "Horatio Alger Theme" in Girls' Books

Girls at War (Girls' Roles in WW I)

WW I: The Home Front (Girls' Roles in WW I)

The Camp Fire Girls Series Handy Guide

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