The Motor Girls on Tour

Margaret Penrose, 1910

There are too many plots, and far too many characters, in this book! To the eight girls (and four cars) of the Motor Girls Club, add college friends, brothers, boy friends, aunts, cousins, mysterious orphans, crooks, detectives, lawyers, doctors, judges, and cops — and it becomes very difficult to remember which is which. The most fascinating plot concerns Motor Girl Cecelia, known as "Clip". I read the book twice to make sure I had this right: Clip is secretly enrolled in a nursing school, and throughout the book she worries whether her friends will still be her friends when they found out — which they don't, until she graduates!

Other plots include a lost will, a mail robbery, attempted kidnapping, fraud, a crooked cop, a motor parade, and the Tour of the title. This is 1910, so the original three days traveling would have covered at most 150 miles. Somehow, however, the tour seems to go on for weeks.

© 1994 Jo Anne Fatherly

This review first appeared in The Whispered Watchword, the newsletter of The Phantom Friends