The Motion Picture Girls at Red Oak Farm

Laura Lee Hope

A book in this series always makes me think of an old-fashioned stock drama company. And since the early movie companies had a lot in common with those stock companies (for instance, a fixed roster of character actors, who chose their material to utilize their specific talents) this is quite suitable. Ruth and Alice are the ingenues of this particular 1915 company and, in between "shooting plays," they get involved in some remarkable nefarious plots. At Red Oak Farm in the wilds of rural New Jersey (it's probably twenty miles from Manhattan) they foil a scheme to steal the Apgar family farm, which holds a value the family isn't aware of. (That alone is certainly a perfectly good silent-film story line, isn't it?)

© 1995 Jo Anne Fatherly

This review first appeared in The Whispered Watchword, the newsletter of The Phantom Friends