The Meadow Brook Girls on the Tennis Courts

by Janet Aldridge, 1914

Rather than Winning the Big Tournament, the subtitle of this book should be Triumphing Over Bad Judgment — everyone's bad judgment, including the author, who thought she could make a novel out of a tennis manual. Since it's the end of the series, she apparently realized her mistake — but I've read worse books, even so.

The Meadow Brook Girls, experienced campers, for some unknown reason have picked a real bummer of a site this time — on a burned-over mountainside. Their male cohorts, the Tramp Club, have made an even worse decision and entered the girls in a major amateur tennis tournament (and bought some expensive equipment for it), without first finding out whether they even play. They don't.

So they have a month in which to become experts. and, of course, they do. They overcome ignorance, skulduggery, and (relative) poverty to win out ringingly and bring home the silver cup. Hooray!

If this is the first of the series you read (as it was for me) you'd never guess the heroines are Camp Fire Girls. I don't suppose the national organization particularly endorsed competitive athletics.

© 1996 Jo Anne Fatherly

This review first appeared in The Whispered Watchword, the newsletter of The Phantom Friends